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The #1 audit confirmation platform in the Nordics

Save time and improve your process quality. 

Trusted in more than 150 000 audits.

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Tailored for auditors

Services by and for auditors

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Brevio Confirm

Efficient ordering of bank confirmations, legal letters and account receivable/payable confirmations.

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Brevio Sign

Digital signatures fast and easy.
Partner friendly and tailored to high signature volumes.

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New service!

Brevio Connect

The first Open Banking service,
exclusively for auditors in the Nordics.

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User satisfaction

“Absolutely brilliant! Before I spent hours on the process, now it's automatic!”

Torstein Pettersen


“I have been looking for a service like this for many years. Very good!”

Vegard Hansen

Senior Auditor

"Brevio streamlines the process, and you can quote me on that!"

Henrik Narvesen


"Brevio makes the process much simpler"

Martin Brox


"Great system! Incredibly nice to get rid of all the unnecessary paper and envelopes!"

Senior Auditor

"I wish all auditors used Brevio"

Audit client

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