Brevio ❤️ Banks

Streamlines the process in a secure platform

Safe and efficient

Secure receipt and response to standardized orders, via web or API.

Free to use

All your orders in one platform, with full traceability around receipt and response - completely free.

Easy to get started

Requires neither registration nor contractual relationship. Contact us to get started!

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A platform you can trust

Brevio helps both large and small banks to make the process of receiving and responding to audit request easier, safer and more efficient.

Automate your response process

Our APIs make it easy to automate the receipt and resposce process. Here you can see the flow and how this can be done.

Easy integration

REST-API makes it easy to get started. Orders are sent digitally and in a standardized format to the bank.

Automated sorting

API-flags enable easy sorting between orders that need manual processing (≈1%) and orders that can be answered automatically.

Suitable for all banks

Our users includes large and small banks, who want to streamline their processes.

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