About us

Brevio.com is a web-based platform for managing administrative processes in the auditing industry. Our users save time and money, gain better control and can provide a better service to their customers.

The services are developed by and for auditors, and contribute to a more efficient, exciting and value-creating workday for our users. With time saved and increased quality, comes improved results - and more satisfied employees.


Olav Harald Våge

Chief Executive Officer

Olav has a background from KPMG, with experience from both auditing and information security consulting. He is educated at NHH in Bergen.

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Christian Elboth

Chief Financial Officer

Christian has a background as an accountant and information security consultant at KPMG. He has a degree from NHH, with a specialization in finance.

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Nicolay Hvidsten

Chief Technology Officer

Nicolay has a master's degree in engineering from NTNU in Trondheim, and has 6 years of experience as a senior consultant and subject lead in BEKK.

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